Here is just a small selection of the testimonials that we get coming in each week.

My wife and I are elderly citizens living in Denmark. Who have been left floundering in this new IT world.

Without frequent assistance from the centre our connection to the outside world – relatives & friends would be severly restricted.

They provide a range of vital community services keeping regional towns like Denmark connected to bigger cities and states. Thank You!

With the recent loss of my wife & living in the country with the nearest centrelink some 50km away they have been very helpful in assisting myself with regard to procedural matters relating to the passing of my wife. Any reduction to the financial assistance to the community centre would have a backlash from the people of Denmark along with the pain & suffering to the people of Denmark.

Helpful Staff.

Access to quality printer

It is an outstanding and well utilised facility that is particularly important in a small regional town like Denmark. The range of facilities and services offered is quite amazing. The staff who run the centre are professional, supportive and friendly. I cannot imagine how the town people who reply on the DCRC would cope if it no longer existed!

Useful for the community. Free Art Gallery. To support regional township survival, for sense of belonging, creativity, inclusion. Great for Tourist attraction.

I use it very often & the staff are exceptional helpful and I don’t know what I would do without this centre.

to think that we all have a smartphone, therefore do not need a Community Resource Centre is incredibly naive! Sadly in the regions our mobile coverage is sub standard and our internet coverage is dodgy at best. Some of us rely heavily on our local Community Resource Centre

it helps me emotionally, mentally and psychologically. It provides me a place for fill government requirements, job requirements, personal requirements. Saves me money in travel and stops me from flipping my lid because it’s easy and in my community.

My internet at home is very poor, so I rely on being able to access the internet at Denmark CRC. The staff are wonderfully supportive.

Without access to these services I would not be able to visit this crc and still be able to work away from my office.

It is so handy for photocopying and other sundries. help outs and information.

Our son wouldn’t be enrolling on time for TAFE, if not for the copy/scan service at the Denmark Centre!!

So good to have a centre to do all I need I can’t do myself I’m 81 years old & need this help

it provides a much needed and important service to our “little” community.

help us keep our community hub!

Dear Tim, Petra, Simone, Denmark Community Resource Centre Committee and staff

Many thanks for supporting the recent exhibition of the work of Kelly Bos and Samala Ghosh, Weavers of Waste.

The exhibition was a huge success and we had a large number of visitors throughout the weekend who appreciated the opportunity to see the work created by these talented young women.

Nearly all of the works were sold to eager buyers who will enjoy them for many years to come.

With enhanced skills and confidence Kelly and Samala are back in the studio weaving with enthusiasm like never before.

Warm regards

Cecile, Rinske and Hilary